According to the latest research by Nest Commerce, building Brand Awareness increases the effectiveness of key marketing campaigns aimed at boosting sales.

Recent data from companies shows that simultaneous work on traffic attraction and performance strategy helps increase the ROAS (Return of Advertising Spend) indicator by 31%. Businesses that did not pay attention to building trust in the brand, on the contrary, experienced a decrease in ROAS over the year, on average by 32%.

By Nest Commerce this trend is expected to continue, which marketing departments and company executives should take into account when developing sales and promotion strategies.
At BALÍK PLUS, we have known this for a long time. You can read about the ROMI indicators that enable successful Printed Marketing campaigns in our latest case study with Möbelix.


5 Key Advantages of Vouchers

We want to share with you why insert coupon marketing works so well:

1. Your coupon won’t reach the person at an inconvenient time or place. It will come to their home along with the package they eagerly awaited. Thus, the first impression of your offer creates positive emotions.

2. Vouchers increase trust in your brand, as the customer perceives you as an e-shop partner where they have already placed an order. You don’t have to prove your reliability. Moreover, everything that is in the package the customer will definitely view, considering it important. With the right design, your brand will be easily remembered. And people are more accustomed to buying from companies they know.

3. Online advertising has become a familiar attribute of search engines and websites. The human eye has already learned to ignore it, quickly finding the “cross” to close the annoying window. This won’t happen with a DL leaflet. Most likely, it will lie on the coffee table for some time. As a result, the person will return to it several times.

4. The low cost of insert coupon advertising in packages allows small companies to use this type of marketing campaign. BALÍK PLUS offers advertising opportunities starting from 0,04 zł per 1 potential customer in coupon catalogues.


5. Offline connects online, so you can use Insert Marketing to increase traffic to your Ecommerce projects. At the same time, it is possible to track the traffic source, thanks to the use of QR codes and unique web URLs.

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