Bonus catalogue

Offline bonus catalogue is a direct marketing tool to reach customers purchasing over internet with a high range for competitive prices. Its effectiveness is based on bonus or discount vouchers and on high quality contacts of active online or mail order shoppers.

Technical specifications

Catalogue dimensions: 190 x 93 mm
Paper: 115 g
Binding type: V1 or V2
Front cover is an image page showing the logos of all advertisers and the catalogue validity date.

Types of catalogues

Offline bonus catalogues are divided into catalogues with high impact on online shoppers and segmented by demographic characteristics of shoppers (women, men).


  • Target group: online stores focusing on women
  • Campaign duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Total load: 120 000 pcs
  • Price: from 4 600 Zl
  • Request a calculationEditorial plan
  • Coming soon – April 2018
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