Bonus catalogue

Offline bonus catalogue is a direct marketing tool to reach customers purchasing over internet with a high range for competitive prices. Its effectiveness is based on bonus or discount vouchers and on high quality contacts of active online or mail order shoppers.

Technical specifications

Catalogue dimensions: 190 x 93 mm
Paper: 115 g
Binding type: V1 or V2
Front cover is an image page showing the logos of all advertisers and the catalogue validity date.

Types of catalogues

Offline bonus catalogues are divided into catalogues with high impact on online shoppers and segmented by demographic characteristics of shoppers (women, men).


  • Target group: online stores focusing on women
  • Campaign duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Total load: 120 000 pcs
  • Price: from 4 600 Zl
  • Request a calculationEditorial plan
  • Coming soon – April 2018
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Are you looking for a way how to enhance e-shop customer loyalty? Let´s try voucher catalog. The printed form still works!

Loyal customer deserves more. A reward for re-purchasing, reward for loyalty or reward for sharing and re-sharing references attracts and intensifies relationship in B2B and even more in the B2C segment. One of the most effective rewards motivating to more leads is offer free product sampling, free promotional merchandise (nicknamed as swag, schwag, or tchotchke) and the last but not least vouchers with attractive discount for the next online shopping.

In case your e-shop applicate relationship marketing and use this form to enhance customer loyalty, let´s consider our standard product OFFLINE BONUS CATALOGUE with demographic targeting.

Spring is coming and it brings yearly edition of Offline Bonus Catalogue LADIES 1/2018 with. The target audience is online-buyers, especially women. On the 12 pages it offers exclusive discounts and codes for wide scale of e-shops. The catalog with 60 thousand print-outs is well valuated by our partners and their online customers. No wonder! It multiplies customer´s joy of delivered product in the box by 11 exclusive voucher codes for cheaper shopping as a gift.

So, do not forget reward your loyal customers and order the catalogues as advertising attachment for your packaging process via our partner´s zone.


In case you have never been ordering the attachments in the partner zone and you need help, please contact us: