So let´s think the same way how to extend your rebate system and set it in the acquisition process as „welcome rebates“, which offer motivation for purchase in clients first order.

Technically it is not difficult: Just use the field „VOUCHER CODE“ in your e-shop cart and cooperate with BALIK PLUS and our e-shop partners. You can deliver your Vouchers in the printed form to the new online customers. As a variant of the campaign you can join us with your own Voucher code published via Offline Voucher Booklet delivered to the active online customers. Try the effectivity of this marketing channel with interesting ratio between reached respondents (60 000) and acquisition costs.


In the short video you can see, how Voucher motivates new potential customer to the new online order. Fruitful acquisition process. In case you have some question, we are ready to answer it. Feel free to contact us.