Frequently asked questions

What does the PAKIET PLUS network do?

PAKIET PLUS is a network of online stores dedicated to adding advertising attachments and samples into parcels/shipments in the Czech Republic. It consists of large, medium and small online stores reaching over 1 million active online shopping customers. Combining volumes of online shop packages into a single network benefits everyone – web stores can earn income through advertising attachments in their packages while offering added value to their customers; clients have the opportunity to reach a selected target group consisting of active online buyers targeted by category, in relevant volumes.

How much does participation in the PAKIET PLUS network cost?

Participation, as well as logging into the PAKIET PLUS network, is free for all partners. Also, advertising attachments for insertion into packages will be delivered to you for free. There are no costs except the necessity to insert the advertising attachment and samples into your packages.

What happens after registration in the PAKIET PLUS network?

After registering in the PAKIET PLUS network, we will send you information about the current insertion offer and how to insert advertising supplements. The order for inserting advertising attachments is voluntary and it is up to you which attachments you chose
from the current offering. An offer of individual attachments, as well as the order for their insertions, can be handled in your personal account. Advertising attachments will be delivered to the location of your choice – you just start inserting or attaching them to your parcel shipments. In order to have an accurate view of how many advertising attachments you have already sent, you must inform us at least once a week by entering the quantity of sent materials through your personal account. You rewards linked to your insertions are sent to you on a monthly basis.

What does participation in the PAKIET PLUS network mean for my day-to-day business?

For you as a partner, participation in the PAKIET PLUS network only requires a necessity to insert a maximum of 4 advertising attachments or samples per package. From an operational point of view, this should not be anything extra since you need to add an invoice, delivery note or other documents anyway.

Can I decide which attachment from actual offer do I want to insert?

Selection of the attachment, which will be inserted in your packets, is solely up to you. You can choose which attachment you want to insert and which one not.

Do I pay the delivery of advertising attachments from PAKIET PLUS?

Delivery of materials is free. Advertising attachments or samples are delivered to your address free of charge.

What are the requirements for reporting the amount of sent advertising materials?

Completing the status report regarding the amount of sent advertising attachments will not take you more than two minutes.
Just update the number of realized shipments in your personal account of our web application.

How much can I earn in the PAKIET PLUS network?

The monetary reward depends on the offer, as well as on the volume of the attachments you have inserted. Reward for insertion
is graded according to the type, weight and size of the advertising attachments. All advertising attachments that are suitable for your segment are always located in your personal account. We will also inform you by e-mail about every new offer we post to your personal account. The fee for each attachment will be defined in advance.
You can send up to four different advertising attachments in one package. If you add your own promotional material in the shipment, you may distribute up to 3 attachments from PAKIET PLUS. Delivery notes and invoices are not considered in the number of insertions. We know from experience that more attachments can negatively influence the customer’s attention and can cause a decrease
of campaign response.

When do I get compensation for the insertion of advertising attachments?

You can continuously see the amount of rewards in your personal account. On the 15th of the following month we will send you
a statement for the previous month. Fees will be paid out within 14 days after receiving the invoice you issue us for the compensation.
The minimum amount to be paid is 100 €. If your fees do not reach this level in one month, the value is transferred to the next calendar month until the amount reaches the minimum payment amount.

Why do you need evidence of sending and how it should look like?

Verification of the number of distributed packages is the standard process, on the basis of which we give our clients a guarantee
of advertising attachment distribution.
As proof that you sent a certain quantity of materials, you can submit a document where we can identify the number of shipments you sent during the month. It can be a monthly invoice from your logistics partner (courier company, post office, etc.). All personal or other sensitive data can be covered; it is important to see only the number of sent items for the given period.

Why don’t I get all the advertising attachments I asked for?

Reasons why you have not received all the promotional attachments that you requested may be the following:

  • Attachments are no longer available because they were already ordered by other partners.
  • You are already sending four attachments per parcel.
  • A presented attachment cannot be distributed together with another simultaneously inserted product (i.e. competitive exclusion).

The exact reason can be found in the relevant e-mail that you always receive from us.

If you have any further question, please contact us by mail at or call: 507 046 471.

Recent Posts

The e-shop campaign will reach up to 1.9 mil. online shoppers

For experts in fashion e-shops, we do not have to introduce the online store separately. An online store with more than 1,000 different brands of clothing and footwear is launching its first campaign in the PAKIET PLUS network this summer.

What is the cooperation between and PAKIET PLUS network about?

  • Campaign Type: acquisition-brand campaign
  • Scope: Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Romania
  • Products: DL Format Discount Coupon (Single sde) and Coupon Catalog (Autumn 2020)
  • Network distribution: 6 weeks
  • Reach: 1,900,000 packages
  • Audience: active online buyers – women and men aged 18 – 45 years
  • Segmentation: Beauty and Lifestyle, Household, Family, Media and Hobby, Technology


Benefits expected from the campaign

  • New customers acquisition
  • Increase sales from online
  • Strengthening knowledge of the brand and market position
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Campaign interactivity: Voucher code -10% for purchase at with validity also for already discounted products



Don’t you really know has been operating in the E-commerce Fashion segment since 2015 and is constantly developing and expanding its operations across Europe. In 18 countries, it offers its clients more than 70,000 pieces of sports and trendy clothing and footwear from various global and local brands. The e-shop is known in Poland as

Online store

Benefit for customers

  • a wide range of more than 1.000 proven brands such as TRENDYOL, PIERRE CARDIN, LEE COOPER, EVERLAST, DENIM and many others
  • first purchase discount, free shipping promotions or special discount coupons
  • guarantee of 100% quality and originality of goods
  • return of goods up to 14 days without giving a reason
  • B2B cooperation with an individual approach is a universally focused fashion store with clothes, shoes and fashion accessories for women, men, and children. In addition to the “classic” product presentation, it also adapts its product range to customers according to the type of popular sport, such as: Running, Football, Fitness, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, Water Sports or Outdoor, where they can find clothes, shoes and necessary accessories for the sport in one place.


How did it all start?

“Factcool is not in one place. Factcool seeks opportunities and acts immediately. ”*

We dared to quote website presentation as a strong motivation to find out an idea to spread existing marketing channels portfolio and implemented PAKIET PLUS cooperation in.

After the summer campaign, we follow-up with Voucher code communication campaign in the Coupon Catalogue – Autumn 2020. We believe that expectations will be met, and our cooperation will continue in all available markets.

We keep our fingers crossed!

* source:

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