Business model

The PAKIET PLUS network consists of large, medium and small online stores. Currently, we distribute through delivery partners with more than 400,000 advertising attachments each month. For registered senders, the insertion of attachments is an attractive way to reduce costs while giving added value to customers.


The client

defines the target audience
and campaign objectives


delivers advertising attachments to shipping partners and monitors network forwarding

Online shops

insert advertising attachments
in their packages


enjoy a positive shopping experience with advertising attachments and use
special offers

By combining volumes of online shop packages into a single network benefits everyone – web shops can earn through advertising attachments located in their packages while offering added value to customers; clients have the opportunity to reach a selected target group consisting of active online buyers targeted by category, in relevant volumes.

Membership in the network

The PAKIET PLUS network membership is non-binding and completely free. The supply of advertising attachments in your specified location is free. We have created an application that will also allow us to keep track of all realized deposits in packets while keeping your administrative load to a minimum.

System of remuneration

The provision system is clear and transparent. The provision amount for each insertion is always communicated before you start inserting advertising attachments into packages. You can now permanently and reliably plan your revenue from the sale of your parcel capacities.

Samples of Products

In the case of inserted product samples, you combine 2 benefits: Your additional revenue from provision + higher customer satisfaction. Your customers will receive a free promotional product from other vendors you have inserted (e.g. accompanied by samples of coffee or cosmetic product).

Recent Posts

EXPO & Conference Warsaw 2018

November 7th is the day, when the biggest event of online retailers in Central Europe will take place. The EXPO XXI Exhibition Center in Warsaw will present 18 significant guests with their experiences, analyzes and trends in e-commerce and online marketing. More than 130 exhibitors will have the opportunity to present more than 4000 ad hoc publishers. Our Polish PAKIET PLUS branch will also be there. If you plan to attend the conference or EXPO, we would like to invite you and meet them.

During the event, presentations will be held in 3 halls where founders, e-shop owners, advertising agencies, marketers, or product managers share valuable experiences and case studies on topics that both small and large companies encounter alongside their business. E.g. Web Design, Email marketing, Automation of Marketing, Product Pricing, Push Notification, E-commerce Intelligence in Practice, Performance Marketing and many other interesting topics. You can find a detailed program of the conference here.

Even PAKIET PLUS at EXPO 2018 is one of the exhibitors. If you are planning to attend exhibitions or conferences, we invite you to meet us. Our Country Managers are ready to introduce the concept of off-line marketing to address online buyers as one of the most effective tools for acquisition and recruitment of new customers. We will gladly provide you with practical experiences and real results that speak for themselves in the form of e-commerce campaigns.

Day: 7.11. 2018 City: Warsaw, Poland

The EXPO starts at 10:00

Presentations start at 11:15

Input is FREE – mandatory registration




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